Encounter with James Day2

I was very excited to read his answers... And needed someone like him to answer something I ponder the whole day on...
Thus I scrapped him...

Donnie.: 17 Apr

recently in a forum named Big Bang theory I found your contributions to make God omnipresent...

I have some questions for you to answer... Plzz if you dont mind Can I continue??

But I was to restless to wait for a day for which was not even 0.01 % of my actual Question.

Donnie.: 17 Apr

Since the the fellow beings have precisely and accurately measured the age of earth (though may not be accurate for some "followers") which is circa 4.5 billion BC,
(I think the oldest fossilized organism is at least 2.3 and 3.5 billion years before the present)

in comparison to this, biblical error of creation is 5975 BC, we can see that its completely non-sense and less then 2 millionth of the real age of our earth!!


Hello Donnie...
nice to know your interest in the bible and the origins of life.

You said "Since the the fellow beings have precisely and accurately measured the age of earth" and then the age calculated says CIRCA 4.5 billion BC.
Hope you know what CIRCA (Approximately) means and BC stands for (Before Christ), if you reference a person from the bible to tell me the age of earth and then say the biblical age of the earth is wrong then it sounds a lil more nonsense than the Biblical calculation of earth according to you.
And more over many of the So called Atheists have this question and before even checking what they are claiming to be wrong they call it nonsense.
The Bible doesnt say anything about the age of the earth, the 6000 year caluclation is the calulation of the timeline from adam till christ.
Infact if you read genesis it says God took a lot of time in creating things, 7 days it says, not the 24 hour day cause God created this time that we are living in so his work cannot be measured with the same

James: 17 Apr

Thermodynamics says Mass and energy do not have any control on themselves, if left on their own in a motion there are only 2 possibilities, either it satys as it was in the bigining and keeps spining or takes very random and messy form. Nothing even close to what a atom does or a body cell does..
I feel till DNA was discovered Evolution had a tiny chance to be true, but its surprising that even after knowing that we are a 4 digit code machines we still want to belive this humongusly complicated code which is unique to every creature without any link to each other was formed but millions and trillions of spining of MASS & ENERGY ....You decide which one sounds more nonsense.


so those 7 days can be billion or trillion years if converted to the time that you an i live in but also can be actually shorter than what we presume, you see its a totally diffrrent dimension conversion ratio.
So the conlusion is that the biblical calclulation of 6000 years is the calculation of time from ADAM till today and not the age of the earth !!
The radiometric calculation of Earth is correct and precise in the Same time dimension as we are now living in and i dont argue about that.
Please get your basics right before claiming something to be non sense especially when you think millions and trillions of years of Just the spining of mass and energy gets you a complex life form like humans and earth is not non sense.


The greatest error in Bible which I have found out myself and all credits goes to me!!

i.e. God only saved 4 couples (eight persons) On board ala carte Noah's Ark...
But other animals only a couple!!! What partiality he bestowed upon the animal race...

By the way it was God's wish!! Baddi logo ki Baddi baatein!!
Thing to ponder is... How could men and women equal in ratio be accountable ("able" in smooth terms!!) for such a surge in human population..

In clearer words... Adam was created in 5975 BC... 'Great flood' 2256 years after Adam i.e. 3719 BC.
To raise a successful generation free from diseases and err-mutations the success ratio needs to be 20:80, 20 males and 80 females, not god proposed 1:1 duel!!

Present Evolutionist claim that for life to bond in leaps the ratio of males:females at least 20:80 or they will all die!! else cripple in handicap and go extinct.
It is impossible for the Great flood to happen...

More reasons to come... Have good Night's sleep...


I respect your answers and your belief upon thy god... but...


I asked you a question and I don't think that i got the answer of my respective question...

I told you the oldest fossilized organism is at least 2.3 and 3.5 billion years before the present... my question was not completely about earth...
but the oldest organism... which is two million times older than mentioned in bible...

And my another thing to claim was the futility of the theory of the Great flood and falsity of the same...


First thing dude, stop mocking things by using words like non and falsity.
If you intention is to get answers then ask questions and not just show your smartness or your intelligence to prove things without knowing the issue it self.
For your information if you read what i wrote it said God made things in the slot of 7 days of his time. and i guess if you atleast make and attempt to read oce on what you are mocking. please Google for |Genesis chapter 1 and read it, it says God created all the creature in those 8 days now if you looking for the word dianoausors in the bible then you wont find it.
And bout the flood, its a almost proven fact not just thru bible but by many scientist also that a catostrophic event of flood did happen in the past many other cultures also have the mention of the global flood.
I will get back to in detai on the flood later.\Lets take one topic at a time.

I realized we were not heading a same answer... but we were answering different answers from different questions irrespective of each other!

So... According to his idea "Let's take one topic at a time" I began with the Genesis Chap-1
And became more patient on waiting, as I wanted a definite answer now... no more Chaos.