Encounter with James Day1


I found an honest and straight forward man who could answer all the anti-theist questions, that people ask, with complete sense of the both worlds of spirituality and Science...

I came across a community in Orkut A Brief History of Time
And found James' defense for God... As follows... in THE BIG BANG...



just one question.........

so what was god doin before he created the universe...according to you if he is etrenal?



i was away..sorry for the delay

before and after....these terms itself are related with time...if the thing called time didnt exist then so do before and after also dont exist....The creator of the time cannot be bounded in time itself...to understand eternity you need to understand that eternity cannot be measured with time

God exists outside of time. Cause he created time and he cannot fall in that same dimension which he himself created.
Since we live in a universe of cause and effect, we naturally assume that this is the only way in which any kind of existence can function. However, the premise is false. Without the dimension of time, there is no cause and effect, and all things that could exist in such a realm would have no need of being caused, but would have existed from eternity. Therefore, God created the time dimension of our universe specifically for a reason - so that cause and effect would exist for us.
Second thing
God exists in more than one dimension of time. Things that exist in one dimension of time are restricted to time's arrow and are confined to cause and effect. However, two dimension of time form a plane of time, which has no beginning and no single direction. A being that exists in at least two dimension of time can travel anywhere in time and never had a beginning, since a plane of time has no starting point. Either interpretation leads one to the conclusion that God has no need of having been created.

I hope this answers buddy...if you are not sure about any terms or any ideas above please feel free to reply...
I would be more than Glad



Who or what is God...
Let me Explain
This planet and all the things that man has discovered so far can be scientifically classified only under 2 things. MASS and ENERGY...
What ever you see and feel around is Mass and the moving capability is because of enerygy.

Science proves that mass and Energy does not have controll on themsleves and if they were left all alone on their own they will take the most wildest and confused and random form around itself and would end up in a messed up state.(whicc contradicts with big bang, big bang says all this happened on by Mass and energy itself) But on the contrary when we look aroud and research the behaviour of Mass and Energy around us we conclude that they are not in a mess but rather following some rules, patterns and peculiar behaviour.I have a whole documentation of the complexity and accuracy of our natural laws and how preciesly they are harmonised (Again harmonizing needs intelligence and cannot happen by fluke or just evolve).

Now there has to be something more than mass and energy that can control on this mass and energy or that can shape or mold or design this Mass and Energy as we see it around us today.

That third power canonnt itself be mass and energy cause we just saw what it does onits own..
That third power that governs the universe is called as GOD or Creator.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

God bless



Yeah he contorls, not in a way like controlling puppets and running a show, but like controlling a son with a fathers authority. Not telling his SON what he shud do but telling him what wrong he is doing and correcting him.

We are free will beings that he made and not robots, if you choose not to belive in him it is your choice and he is not going to force you and convert your mind to belive in him.
He is a pure gentleman and gives everyone his chance to either choose him or not to choose him, thats why its said we all choose what we get, and we all will get what we choose in this life that we temporarily live in.
God is perfect and he made this world a perfect place for his creation "The free will beings" to choose him or not choose him.

Let me tell you what the histroy has noted in the books about the real god and the explnation that perfectly sings along the things you see around.

We were made perfect but it was us who choosed the bad and broke Gods command.
And thats why God had to put the human race in this situation to learn and understand his will.

But thats not all for me I need to know much much more "What believer's believe".