Encounter with James Day5

Donnie.: 18 Apr

pk then.. Let's start from Genesis Chap 1...

Acc to Bible...
In the beginning there was nothing....
God created Animal, Water, air, e.t.c and Adam on six days, and last day Eve...
He made Eve one day later out of a rib of Adam.
And named her woman, "man's wife".
Adam and Eve had sons Cain and Abel.


Now I say...
If there was nothing And god made only one planet where from the eight other planets come from??

If you say one day in genesis period can be equal to billion years, I have to say Adam had to wait for Eve for a billion years!!
If God made Eve out of Adam's ribs, then why is a Man's rib bone number equal to an Woman's rib bone number??

Was God a pure chauvinist??
Why did he create male first? If he created Man in his own Image, Is God a male entity?
If he created a Woman because Man was lonely or needed to procreate, why didn't he think earlier about a Woman? and kept Adam waiting for a billion years...

Why a man's wife? Why can't a woman be independent of man? Did God create the present difficulties of a woman's life in those days not thinking of the future?


The only family in the world to procreate was Adam's family, with their two sons...
Why did God made Adam's family commit a sin of incest??
the worst sin for a human being..
Did Cain and Abel had sex with their mother (the only woman) to take on this world...
Did they have sex with their children also??
And Did their children had sex among them??

Watch the Bible divert your attention towards Cain's life towards Egypt, how did the people in Egypt come, were they aliens...( if not the people were other Adam's of God..

I know these questions are hard-hitting, but answer them and you will get my ideas..

Donnie.: 19 Apr

I was waiting for ur answers...

Donnie.: 20 Apr

I am still waiting!!

James: 20 Apr

Dear donnie,
I dont not have time on weekends and cannot answer you on those days, please take a note of it.
I wish i could say to you to read the bible once before asking these questions but i know you wud think you alreyd have read or i dont wanna anser your questions.
And also these questions are Ages old and not new, if you google it you will find answers for yourself.
But i am not asking you to do that, please give me some time, i work in the day and in the evening i have my home and some other priorities.
So chill back and wait for my answers.
Dont draw conclusion and feel happy about it !!!

Proverbs 11:2
2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.


The questions may be famous... Things to watch out for is...

How God defends himself...

To my best knowledge... nothing was out of context...

For your sake I dropped the delicious topic of the ("cockeyed") The Great Flood...
And started from the beginning of the Bible... From ("Rather incestuous") Genesis...

I am nobody to give chance to an Idea or something... Fittest Theories can survive the most cold attitude of men...

And coming to your 40 authors, 66 versions, 3 continents, multi-language-culture, One Bible. That is why I find Bible as Plagiarized, and full of Contradictions in itself.


Though Stick to my Original question regarding "Incestor Ancestors" I will be waiting Patiently now.

I get diverted to a topic very easily, And was diverting again, but I stopped, And kept patiently waiting for the answer regarding "Incestor Ancestors"