On Against the fool-hardy idea

First of all let us take a look at the world..
Then at the planets and satellites of our solar system..
And then at the galaxies and the quasars..

Looking out at all the directions, the astronomer sees countless stars and planets as our own system..

And estimations show that there are more than 10^21
things just like our solar system..

An inconceivable number... scattered at an inconceivable distance..
from us..

Since every thing is in very far away... We can perceive the billion years old light coming from this places..

he observable universe has a radius of 1 billion light years.. This is not at all the entire universe.. but as much as we can perceive... so in that way universe is way bigger than our thought...

Within the observable universe, estimation is 10^8 galaxies.. some are bigger then milky way..

There are at least 10^6 planetary systems in milky way alone..

With the idea of perfect environmental factors for initialization of life..
There is many more earth-like planets in the universe..
Why this minute speck of dust which we call earth is prime selection of God..

Since the scientists have precisely and accurately measured the age of earth which is circa 4.5 billion BC, in comparison to this, biblical error of creation is 5975 BC, we can see that its completely non-sense and less then 2 millionth of the real age of our earth..

Why should the almighty god would gift life only into this planet??
only for partiality.. !! ??
Why not any other planet??

Why has benevolent god let mankind to take over all his creation on this world??
Why his majesty is accountable for the evil thoughts in our brain??

Look at the deadly fangs of a young cobra!!
You will find earth is no lesser hell...
While u look at the serenity of the Himalayas!!
earth is no lesser heaven..