Bible is a Dangerous Moral Guide

When there is no evidence to prove God....
How can we believe the bible to be his word??
Even if its proved there's a an imaginary friend visible to only psychopaths...
We can't support claim to prove Bible's honesty!!

The precepts, the teachings, and the worse form of science, and those philosophy which cannot be accepted by the 20th century man are inherent character of the bible..

The truth about quoting lines from God's speech is a simple myth by Jewish and Christian priests.. That bible is a human Creation can be proved by the data following..

  • Honesty
Truth is what we expect from such a holy book as Bible..
but as i assumed earlier that deception is what it has in store for us..

In Jeremiah, chap-20, verse 7, the writer complains....
"O god thou hast deceived me".
In chap-4, verse 10, Jeremiah has charged God with deception. He says...
"Ah, Lord God, surely thou hast deceived the people of Jerusalem".

In the chap-22 of 1st king. It's said,
"And the Lord said we shall persuade Ahab through a lying spirit.
Behold the lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of prophets".

The story of "the great flood" is full of falsity and improper data.
In chap-7 of Genesis it's said,
"It rained for forty days and forty nights.
It rained 15 cubits high and the mountains were covered".

A cubit being 1 foot and 6 inches, the flood was 22 and a half ft. deep.
Mt. Everest and Mt. Arafat are 29,000 and 17,260 ft. respectively.
What a shame is to say that God-inspired Bible is utterly wrong!!
Would a rational being in search of truth believe that, Dinosaurs, Giant mammoths, or simply the Elephant could squeeze through a 18 sq. inches of a window or door as people like to say.

Was it not important for aquatic animals to be killed??
Or the animals and human-beings on a high altitude settlement??

Now let's take a look unto the book, spotless for falsehood..
In chap-3 of Romans, St. Paul says..
"For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory".

According to St. Paul, falsity may be required in the service to the holy spirit..
and it's nothing wrong with it!!
But Humane Moral Conduct lies in truthfulness..

Helped By Begone Godmen By A. Kovoor